17 May 2019

PDF here : Privio_Press#1


Paris, May 19th



‘PRIVIO’ is a new secure screening room that allows you to send watermarked video files to specific people around the world with full security for your media. The platform’s innovation is based on the instant availability of the burned watermarked on the video, which can’t be erased and the simplicity of its interface. The platform also provide precise screening report.

(PRESENTATION VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPVxEUooBZg)

The platform has been developed by Baptiste Chiri, a well known developer in the Parisian cinema industry, working for several key players. He says: “The idea was born 5 years ago discussing with me customers Memento Films International and Haut et Court which couldn’t find a solution dedicated to their need. They wanted me to develop a very simple platform allowing them to send private files in a secure way.”

Baptiste suggested that they participate in the development of ‘PRIVIO’ as a Beta tester rather than having them bear the cost of developing such a platform. A few months after the first version, others sales & distribution companies joined quickly the adventure: Indie Sales, Kinology, Charades, Jour 2 Fête, Celluloïd Dreams…

Martin Gondre, the co-founder of Indie Sales’ new outfit ‘Best Friend Forever’ says “PRIVIO is an amazing tool created especially for the need of sales agent and distributors. It allows us to send our very fresh films with all the security needed and controlling everything, like the number of IP that can screen, on which period, with what kind of watermark…”.

Initially, ‘PRIVIO’ was developed by ‘BESYNC’, which is a company specialized for 7 years in the IT management of French cinema companies. Thanks to all its international customers, Privio is now becoming a fully-fledged structure launching official sales in Cannes.

The ‘PRIVIO’ team will be present in Cannes to present its platform and its latest innovations. It will also offer a special offer for the Festival period.

‘PRIVIO’ has already more than 30 customers worldwide with references such as Match Factory, Huanxi Media, MK2 Films and many others! Privio already send more than 150,000 links sent each year, which represents 30 years of cumulative viewing each year.

According to Pierre Mazars, Charades’ Co-Founder, “Since the launch of Charades, we have chosen to use Privio, and in 2 years, we have seen the effectiveness of this solution. The interface is simple, and links to our customers very quickly sent. And above all, the security is there: in 2 years, and with thousands of links sent, we have never seen any hacking or file loss problems.”

According to Grégoire Melin, Kinology’s Founder,  “Privio is the most reliable, practical and fast system to create personalized and perfectly secure (=piratable) screeners, and monitor their viewing in real time. It is the best tool we know in the field.”