Customer reviews

  • Kinology


    Privio is the most reliable, practical and fast system to create personalized and perfectly secure (=piratable) screeners, and monitor their viewing in real time. It is the best tool we know in the field

  • Charades


    Since the launch of Charades, we have chosen to use Privio, and in 2 years, we have seen the effectiveness of this solution. The interface is simple, and links to our customers very quickly sent. And above all, the security is there: in 2 years, and with thousands of links sent, we have never seen any hacking or file loss problems.

  • Haut et Court

    Haut et Court

    Privio is a great way to share quickly and safely our films with press, exhibitors, and partners.

    No more DVD or USB support, no more courier, we are able to send illimited HD streaming link in less than 30min to our contacts. Every link is delivered with a personalised watermark on picture, for a limited period, with an IP restriction, and/or an access password.

    Great interface to manage easily your catalog and your previews, you can also check logs, stats, etc…

    This is a useful working tool for Haut et Court Distribution.

  • IndieSales


    Privio is a great new link provider allowing the user to send protected watermaked link. The main difference with the other providers is that the watermark is burned into the file. The interface is very easy to use and you can get acces to any kind of screening reports. The current version is only a part of what will be the futur PRIVIO as it is in constant evolution. I’m sure Privio is about to find bunch of new home in this new-born market.

  • Memento Films

    Memento Films

    Privio has been for us a very helpful tool, giving added value to sharing films, with options like watermarking, stats, Ip limitations, password protections… It’s a secured way for us to share our films with distributors, festivals and other partners, without losing the image quality. Perfectly adapted to our work, it has an efficient and easily understandable platform. It has saved us a lot of time and energy, and we highly recommend this platform for all professionals that are film lovers !