FAQ Privio Invite Guide

What is a Privio Invite account?

A « Privio Invite » account gives you access to a space allowing you to receive viewing links from sellers. They are generally in the form of « https://invite.privio.eu/%token% » and given by email or newsletter.

How do I create a Privio account?

Just click here to create a free account to access to Privio Invite links given by sellers. You can also click on link given by sellers and process to register. It’s free !

How do I reset/recover my password?

Just click here : https://invite.privio.eu/reset, you need to reset it.

What bandwidth is required to view a link?

It needs 3Mbps to view a file in 720p without the Multibitrate option.

With the Multibitrate option it allows to have a minimum bitrate of 1750kpbs in 480p and also gain in quality to go to 1080p with a maximum bitrate of 6000kpbs.

Are all browsers compatible?

All browsers are compatible. Just remember to update your browser frequently.

Are all devices compatible?

Yes, all devices less old than 2010.

Is the link visible on all equipment?

Yes, with a recent browser.

Can I use a VPN to see the link?

Yes, this is quite possible with current VPNs (NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc…).

On the other hand, ProxyVPN or SocksVPN VPNs (ShadowsSock, etc…) do not work with Privio. For obvious security reasons that these Fake VPNs do not provide (passage of information in clear text on the network).

Questions on Blocking/Restraining Media Viewing in China (VPN)

For people receiving links in China, it is absolutely necessary to have a conventional VPN of the type « NordVPN », « ExpressVPN », etc.

The fake VPNs of « ShadowsSocks » types, do not work with our platform for security reasons.

How do I delete my account?

You need to contact support@privio.eu to delete your account.


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