Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Start Guide

What languages are available on the website ?

The site is currently translated into French and English. Other languages will be added soon.

How do I create a Privio account?

Just click on the « sign-in » button at the top right of this page.

What languages are available on the website ?

The site is currently translated into French and English. Other languages will be added soon.

How do I create a Privio account ?

Just click on the « sign-in » button at the top right of this page.

What is a Workspace ?

This is the entry point (login) of your dedicated platform. Your administration console. Its name is usually https://entreprisename.privio.eu

Once the connection is made, what are the basic steps to take?

When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to change the company colors and logo. This is important to send links to your image

How do I add my first media ?

First, you need to create a Project. Once created, you have to upload a media on this project (from the media section).

How do I send my first link ?

Just click on « Send new Preview » and let yourself be guided. For technical questions, please refer to the technical FAQ below.

How do I get help ?

It is important to read all the FAQs before contacting us. But the support@privio.eu is available for any additional questions.

How do I reset/recover my password ?

Just click here : https://workspace.privio.eu/reset, you need to reset it.

Sales & Accounting questions

Is it possible to adjust in several times?

It is possible to choose between « billed annualy » or « billed monthly » (SEPA transfer mandatory).  If you choose “Billed annualy”, you will receive a 20% discount on your invoice.

What can I do with the demo version? (Number of links, number of files…)

You can use the platform with all its functions. Only one film download and upload is possible. On it, a watermark  » Trial Version  » will be indicated

At the end of the 7-day trial/demo period, how do I switch to the normal version?

You can validate your interest with our CMO, Alexis, or directly with our Accounting Manager, Cindy. We will ask you for information about your company (Address + VAT Number) in order to draw up a contract to be returned to us for signature. Upon receipt of the funds, your access will be free of charge in Normal version.

How can I get a trial version?

You can click directly on the first page of our site, on the « Register for Free » banner or directly below our Pricing table. After registering, you will have your access to use the platform in Demo version.

For the Prepaid offer, the 1 Media cap means that there can be only ONE video in the account at a time or that for 3 months only ONE video can be uploaded?

The prepaid offer is proposed for a single media valid for a period of use of 3 months.

What is Privio Invite ?

Privio Invite allows you to generate a Privio viewing link on your own website. This link is a general invitation to your contacts to come register on Privio and view your link.

The Privio Invite requires the viewer to create a user account. The media administrator will be able to add additional security rules in the admin console such as :

A number of additions of users with « Privio Prompt » accounts

Limit a certain number of email addresses (identified/listed) in order to create a whitelist. If users are not in this list, they will be asked to contact the link creator to add them.

What is Privio Request?

Privio Request is a system that allows your contacts coming to your website to directly request to view your media.

The viewer going through this request does not need to be registered on Privio. He will still have to provide an email address that will be checked in order to be validated by the platform administrator.

Can we switch to a higher offer during our contract?


Can we switch to a lower offer during our contract?


Can options be removed during subscription?


Who to contact for a sales department?

Alexis at sales@privio.eu

Is my renewal automatic?

Yes, by tacit renewal for annual contracts

How do I cancel my subscription?

By making a written request with acknowledgement of receipt at least one month before the anniversary date of your subscription.

How do I pay my invoice?

A secure payment by credit card via our Stripe tool or by bank transfer, we will provide you with our bank details when your order is sent.

When do I have to pay for my subscription?

At the time of the order, your account will be activated after payment.

How do I retrieve my invoice?

The invoice is sent to you after payment of your order. If you have not received it you can contact the Accounting department: accounting@privio.eu.

Does the expiration of the trial offer delete the files?

Everything is kept for up to 30 days after expiration.

Does changing PLAN, deleting files or access?

Not when you increase the package.

If the package is reduced, quota/user/option reductions apply and accesses can be removed.

Technical Questions

What is a watermark?

The watermark is a process that places an image and a text on a video.

What is the best format for the files to be uploaded?

Before asking the question of the format, it is necessary to know the output (viewing) format. To do so, we respect the internet standards and in particular those of netflix :

480p (720×480) 1750 kbps ~792 MB per hour
720p (1280×720) 3000 kbps ~1.3 GB per hour
1080p (1920×1080) 4300-5800 kbps ~1.9 GB to ~2.55 GB per hour

You must therefore provide a file > 6000 kpbs. The ideal to have the best quality of restitution is a file with a bitrate of 10000 kbps in H264 in 1080p.

How much does a medium weigh on our platform?

It all depends on the quality of the input source file. If it is less than 10 Mbps, it is very close to the input weight. If it is a file higher than 10Mbps, it will be « resampled » at 10Mpbs, which will make for a 2h file a weight of ~7Gb

What is a link?

It’s a viewing link that is sent to

How much does a link weigh?

One link weighs about ~1.5Gb for 2 hours of film.

What bandwidth is required to view a link?

It needs 3Mbps to view a file in 720p without the Multibitrate option.

With the Multibitrate option it allows to have a minimum bitrate of 1750kpbs in 480p and also gain in quality to go to 1080p with a maximum bitrate of 6000kpbs.

Are all browsers compatible?

All browsers are compatible

Is the link visible on all equipment?

Yes, with a recent browser.

Can I use a VPN to see the link?

Yes, this is quite possible with current VPNs (NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc…).

On the other hand, ProxyVPN or SocksVPN VPNs (ShadowsSock, etc…) do not work with Privio. For obvious security reasons that these Fake VPNs do not provide (passage of information in clear text on the network).

What is the capacity of our platform?

We monitor the use and consumption of the platform on a daily basis so that you don’t run out of space.

What are the possible settings for a Watermark?

You have a multitude of settings for the Watermark, right down to its positioning to the nearest pixel in the image

What is the ideal format to be delivered on the platform?

One MP4 file in FULL HD (1920×1080) 1080p with a bit rate of 10Mbps at 24fps or more. As for the sound track, it must be on a single track in stereo. We do not support multitrack sound (5.1).

Do you respect the framerate (FPS) of the source file?

Yes from beginning to end.

Is it possible to predefine a Watermark setting for all users?

Yes from company settings

Is it possible to define a Watermark setting per media?

Yes from the list of hosted media

Are the files encrypted?

Yes from start to finish. Your files are encrypted on delivery with a unique AES128 encryption key per link sent. Each video is unique

How long does a Media Upload last?

On average, it lasts half the time of the media

How are our files backed up?

Ingested files are saved in 4 different geographical locations. On dedicated servers owned by Privio. We do not use Cloud services (AWS,Google,Microsoft) for backups.

Are the uploaded files distorted, do they lose quality?

ploaded files are ingested and reworked to comply with web standards.

Are the uploaded source files preserved and recoverable?


What is the difference between a watermark and a DRM?

A watermark and a DRM are means of security. The watermark is a software process. The DRM is a paid proprietary hardware process (Apple, Microsoft, Google).

Are the files safe or secure with DRM?

The links sent are secured with our watermark process. The proprietary DRM is also available on Privio, but requires an additional subscription from you. You can contact us for more information.

Who to contact in case of technical problems?

You can contact support@privio.eu

What are User Accounts? Admin / Corporate / Servicing / Press Agent

These are usage levels/rights that you manage yourself in relation to the user accounts created on your environment.

Can we host the streaming on our sites (embedded)?

For security reasons, we do not allow links to be hosted on your public websites.

Can we see exactly what % of the movie the guest watched?

Yes you can see to the minute. You also have a lot of other information at your disposal.

What does the IP address restriction mean?

This is the maximum number of views.

Is it possible to determine a maximum number of views?

Yes precisely with the number of available IPs, you can manage it.   

Can we save our contacts in a list? Or do we have to retype a contact’s contact information at each invitation?

Once a contact is entered on Privio, it is automatically saved for a next sending.

There is also the possibility to pre-register a contact database so that it will be proposed even if no link has already been sent.


Is the number of invitations sent out unlimited?

For the Pro offer, it is limited by the available storage capacity (1TB). As long as the link is open its volume is calculated and debited from your maximum storage. If the link has expired, it is no longer counted. You can send as many links as you want (with the Pro offer), over short periods. But if you send links with a long lifetime, you will be limited and it is better to switch to the Unlimited offer (currently one month offered for any subscription to this offer).


The extra Multibitrate 1080p can be stopped at any time?

Any option can be activated during the subscription. However, it can only be cancelled at the end of the subscription period.


Is the hotline by phone or only by e-mail?

The Mail contact is for Ten and Pro offers. The phone contact is for the Unlimited. We are still very reactive


Is the hotline by phone or only by e-mail?

The Mail contact is for Ten and Pro offers. The phone contact is for the Unlimited. We are still very reactive 


What is an ingest?

The ingest is the process that allows us to check the quality of the uploaded file and to correct these defects if necessary to make it compatible with all web browsers.


How long does an Ingest last?

About half the time of the media


Can I download a watermarked file?

Yes if the option is activated on the link


How long does it take to make a download file?

It lasts ¼ about the time of the file


Can we upload a contact file to pre-fill the database of link recipients?



Can we create user accounts?

Yes, as many as you can within the maximum number indicated in your subscription.
– Prepaid Offer: 1
– Ten: 10
– Pro and Unlimited Offer: unlimited


Are there user rights?

Yes, Admin, Corporate Users, Servicing, Press Agents.


What is the difference of each user right?

– An admin can see everything on the platform. And can create additional accounts.
– A corporate user, does not see the « Media Management » part.
– A Servicing, only manages the upload and media management, it can’t send a link.
– A Press Agent can only send links from one (or more) selected media.


What is the purpose of the Press-Agent level?

To allow your PR / PR to be able to send links to their contacts for one or more media authorized by the admin.


What is the Corporate User level for?

To send links. It is generally the Sales Agents who have this profile.


What is the purpose of the Administrator account?

To pilot the whole platform and to create user accounts.


What is the purpose of the Servicing level?

Upload media and manage servicing. Nothing else.


Can we geo-block media viewing?

Yes, in your admin console you can define, which country will be blocked for viewing your media.


Questions on Blocking/Restraining Media Viewing in China (VPN)

For people receiving links in China, it is absolutely necessary to have a conventional VPN of the type « NordVPN », « ExpressVPN », etc.

The fake VPNs of « ShadowsSocks » types, do not work with our platform for security reasons.


Can we manage the Timezone of the visualizations ?

When sending a link, you can select the timezone of the person receiving the link.
If you want the person in China to open the link at 9:00 am china time, you have to enter 9:00 am in date availability and select the timezone of China.
You will then see the email with the date of availability in Chinese time and not the local time.


Can we limit the number of views?



Is it possible to define a limited period of time for a viewing?

Yes, in your admin console you can set the playback time (Hours, Minutes, Days, Months)


Is it possible to protect the viewing of a film with a mdp?

Yes, in your admin console you can set a password for viewing your media.


Is it possible to upload a movie and watch it offline?

Yes on the mobile application


Is it possible to customize the platform?

Yes, in your admin console you can define a certain number of colors for your platform. If you would like us to develop more colors, or even a dedicated and customized platform for your company, please contact our sales department at sales@privio.eu.


How can we be sure that the emails/sent don’t end up in our customers’ spam?

By configuring your company’s SMTP server. You need to get in touch with your IT department to set it up for each account sending links. This will improve the arrival of emails in your customers’ inboxes.


Can we invite our customers to watch movie links directly from our own site?

Yes, by using the « Privio Request » option, you can place a link to request a viewing of the film from the platform administrator. The request is subject to validation.


Are there viewing statistics?

Yes, they are accessible on the dashboard.


Is it possible to export the statistics?

Yes from the Dashboard, there is a button to export the stats.


What statistics are visible after reading a sent link?

You will be able to know :
– Its location
– Time of viewing
– The equipment used
– Whether it was full screen or not
– Knowing what he saw at the minute ready


Do you use DRMs?

Yes, but with additional costs. Please contact us at sales@privio.eu


Do you manage subtitles?

Yes, completely.


I have problems with accents on subtitles, how can I do it?

It must be converted to UTF-8 (charset) format.


How to convert a subtitle file to UTF8?

Using online tools (https://www.browserling.com/tools/utf8-encode)


How do I create accounts for my employees?

From: Settings > Manage Accounts


What is the purpose of the email settings?

Sending emails using your mail servers, rather than Privio’s. This allows you to be known by your customers’ anti-spam.


How to add an external Customer Mail database on Privio?

You can add your database by going to setting / addressbook


What type of file can I use to import my contacts?

Only excel files


How to restrict a media to the platform administrator only?

By selecting « Admin only » when uploading media. A button is provided for this purpose.

This feature is very often used for the management of RUSH that one does not want to make available to Sales Agents.


Is it possible to hide certain media from other users of the platform?

Yes, by activating the « Admin only » option in the media management. The media will then only be visible to the administrator accounts.


How do I delete my account?

You need to contact support@privio.eu to delete your account.


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