– Ability to restrict the reading of links in some countries

– Choose the location of the watermark by media

– Ability to place the watermark vertically

– Ability to disable or add a password on a link

– Integration of a new type of account “Service” to manage only the media without sending.


– Privio Invites
For sellers, generating a share link (Dropbox type) to invite people to view the media. (There is no more invitation on a specific email account, it is the end user who enters his information)

– User account to save and store these invitation links and come back to them if needed later.

– Ability to import your Excel contacts database

– Ability to import your media from Vimeo, Dropbox, Google drive, http Direct or remote Ftp.

– Improved statistics and export

– Geolocation of link readings


– Ability to make suggestions to the team with Feedback at the bottom of the page


– The platform complies with the RGPD law

Privio Live

– You can now stream your content or make a conference directly inside Privio Live
– You can imagine to stream your presentation and talk/chat with your customers
– Afterthat, you can also give access to review/replay the presentation by sending links to your customers.