Simple and secure mechanics

Privio is your own platform where you can share your films privately and securely

It is really your own plateform with your own company logo.

Privio is just a technical interface with layered security you can manage without difficulty.

You can easily share content with your partners, in particular watermarqued files. You just need to send your content to Privio, Privio will then step in and deliver your file for a given time period and a list of viewers you can define beforehand.

This is called a Private Preview or “Privio”.

Why is Privio better ?

Features logo-2 DVD WeTransfer Vimeo Dropbox
Instant access check cross check check check
Branded specific user watermark check check cross cross cross
Viewer tracking check cross check cross cross
Scalable security check cross cross cross cross
Branded plateform check cross cross cross cross
Managing corporate user account check cross cross check cross

Detailed features

  • Upload file via WebBrowser:

Video player compatible with all web browsers

  • Manage your film line-up & metadata
  • Company administrator account
  • Manage address book for each corporate user
  • Address book group sending link:

Send your files in one click

  • Cross-platform & responsive access:

Reachable over tablet, computer, smartphone

  • Viewer tracking:

Be able to know if your partner has entirely watched your film or not, and see the details of his viewing

  • Bulk link:

Send several films to the same person in one time

  • Storage up to 1000GB
  • Scalable security :
    • Watermark each media with : corporate logo, first name, last name, phone, email ; enable your company to send a viewing link within 10 seconds
    • Definable lifetime private links: define the lifetime of your file and see how much time is remaining until the film isn’t accessible to your partner anymore
    • Access by smartphone
    • Promoreels and trailers: send promoreels and trailers to your partners easily
  • Your own plateform: it is yours, your logo will be on it, personalize your dashboard by choosing a color
  • Unlimited viewing links: upload as much files as you want, add at any time a new IP address to send an already created link to