On the occasion of the EFM, PRIVIO launches an unlimited and free offer for new subscribers from February 15th until March 15th

For one month, from February 15th until March 15th, PRIVIO will make its services available entirely free of charge for new users. PRIVIO is a secure, customizable screening room, which allows users to send video files with personalized watermark to specific people all over the world in perfect security. This special offer covers the European Film Market, allowing new subscribers to test the platform for the whole period of the market.

PRIVIO is a service that was launched in 2015, in response to a need expressed by many customers of PRIVIO’s founder Baptiste Chiri, who was managing the computer systems of several major French audio-visual companies. By 2019, PRIVIO became a company in its own right and since then, its business has grown exponentially. Today, PRIVIO is providing safe streaming services to more than 90 customers around the world, among which WildBunch, German Films, Match Factory, Fortissimo, Latido, Altitude Film, Deblokada, Dutch Filmworks or Xilam. Almost 1 million links have already been generated since its creation. 3,000 GB of secure data are exchanged every day and more than 6,000 international films hosted.

2020 was a very painful year for the industry as a whole. Every player tried to innovate and find solutions to reinvent their business. PRIVIO has continued to listen to its customers, improving the service to allow more and more distributors, vendors and festivals to exchange their films securely and discreetly.

In order to participate in the collective effort of the film industry and help companies maximize their opportunities on the occasion of the European Film Market, PRIVIO has decided to offer free, unlimited access during the entire period of the March edition of the Berlinale.


PRIVIO is a French platform that was launched in 2015 to help film production and distribution companies securely send their films to potential buyers. Each user can send their files to their partners via the platform from anywhere, at any time. This is called a Private Preview, hence the name of the platform, Privio.

The platform was born out of the demand from several companies who could not find a simple and secure system to promote their film catalogue.

Privio is a secure, customizable screening room, allowing to send video files with personalized Watermark to specific people all over the world in perfect security. The innovation of the platform is based on its intuitiveness, instant availability of viewing links and advanced user feedback.

PRIVIO has become a company in its own right since May 2019, going from 8 references, at the creation stage, to more than 60 at the end of 2020 and over 90 now, each renewing their trust since they joined.

PRIVIO is made up of a team of people who are passionate about the film industry and who seek to provide security, simplicity and efficiency for everyone. The company stands out by being reactive and close to its international customers, while continuing to develop by innovating and responding to everyone’s technological and security needs.

The free offer will be available from February 15th. Registrations are open from this here => PRIVIO MARKET



Alexis Grignon, COO of Privio:


THE PR FACTORY – Barbara Van Lombeek –

Terms and conditions of the Berlinale offer :

  • => Registrations are open from today to all distribution companies and international production sales companies.
  • => The duration of the offer is 30 days from the date of registration and maximum until March 15.
  • => Only one registration per company.
  • => The offer is valid for use on the basis of the Unlimited subscription.
  • => The offer does not give access to Privio’s options.
  • => As of March 15, companies will not be able to send Links, but links sent before will remain visible until March 22.
  • => Beyond March 22, the platform will close its doors.

  • => Access will be transferred to the platform for companies wishing to continue securing their films with our services.
  • => The data collected during the offer will be deleted for companies that do not wish to continue securing their films with our services.
  • => Registration will be validated only for people who have never used Privio before.
  • => Registration will be verified and validated by the Privio administration.
  • => The Privio company has the right to validate or not the registrations having another purpose than the protection of their films.
  • => Privio reserves the right to temporarily suspend an account that has been used fraudulently.
  • => For technical assistance, please send your requests to
  • => For a commercial request, please send your requests to