Founded in 1997 by director Jasmila Zbanic and producer Damir Ibrahimovic, “Deblokada” has established itself through its accomplished cinematic output that is not merely a sum of films, but also an embodiment of a specific world-view that recognizes film as an important corrective of social anomie. The very name ”Deblokada” comes from the Sarajevo wartime vocabulary of the 1990s: citizens of the city that suffered the longest siege in the history of modern warfare dreamt of a day when the siege would be lifted. And yet, even after the end of the war and the siege, residues of the war remained embodied in various political, economic and psychological blockades, which continued to shatter post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Deblokada” was a critical artistic response to these blockages, rooted in the belief that film can reflect upon and challenge the post-war social ordeal, asking questions that prompted answers. Thus it comes as no surprise that “Deblokada” cooperated (and continues to work) with a variety of internationally and regionally acclaimed artists, many of which are acclaimed precisely for their activist ardour: Peter Schumman, Lee Delong, Christine A. Maier, Barbara Albert, Aleksandar Hemon, Mirjana Karanovic, Yvette Biro, Sejla Kameric, Eve Ensler, Damir Sagolj, Leon Lucev, Boris Dezulovic, Zoran Solomun, Niki Mossböck, Haris Pasovic, Kym Vercoe, Simon McBurney, Ariane Labed, Franco Nero…

Since it’s establishment, “Deblokada” has produced numerous documentary and short films that had wide festival reception. It’s feature film “Grbavica” by Jasmila Zbanic, the 2006 Berlinale winner, was sold in almost 50 territories. Feature film “On the Path”, which also premiered in the competition programme of Berlinale festival, was sold in over 25 territories. This places “Deblokada” as one of the leading South East European productions in the market, with already established relationships with the World Sales agents and distribution companies from all over the world