Privio Live

  • You can imagine to stream your presentation and talk/chat with your customers
  • Afterthat, you can also give access to review/replay the presentation by sending links to your customers
  • You can now stream your content or make a conference directly inside Privio Live
  • And many other functions to discover soon… 😉
for create your Live

You must start by selecting “creation live” in your user console and enter the information of your live

After filling in the information, your information dashboard is accessible. You can select the Stream info and add it to your streaming software.

To get started, please dowload streaming softward like OBS

After your Live created, click on the “Information”. Then copy paste the information from the stream server into OBS

Click on File and on stream
Select “Personalized” in the choice “service” then enter the information you will get by creating your Privio Live. Now you can prepare your streaming interface with your software to launch the Live

After launching the live on OBS, your streaming server is launched and your guests can see the broadcast. They also have access to a chat to chat with you during the Live. Exchanges are recorded and available after the live
Once your Live finishes, you can stop it in your administrator consol. Privio will then generate your media and sending link so that you can then transfer it securely and encrypted like your films to your contacts who haven’t seen your Live